Itchy Scalp Causes In African Americans

Black Hair & Itchy Scalp

black-hair-itchy-scalpThere are several things that can cause itchy scalp in African American hair.  Some of the most common causes are contact scalp dermatitis, scalp dandruff treatments, and scalp acne. 

What Causes Dandruff Or Itchy Scalp Problems?
is a common itchy scalp condition for any type of hair, including black hair.  Most cases are relatively mild with a small amount of flaking.  In some instances though, it can be more extreme with mound of flakes that are clumped together.  Dandruff tends to be very itchy and is an embarrassing condition for most people. 

Another common cause o of itchy scalp in African American is contact dermatitis -typically from using harsh shampoo!  Itchy scalp treatments and remedies for black hair use more natural ingredients to prevent this.  This is an allergic or irritant reaction generally caused by something that has come into contact with the hair.  African American hair is often treated with chemicals and straighteners that are common causes of dermatitis.  Tightly braiding hair or weaving in extensions may also cause this type of irritation.  It is characterized by bumps, itch, and often flaking. 

Black hair is also prone to scalp acne.  This type of acne is similar to that on the face, but it needs to be treated differently.  It can be hard to reach deep below the hair.  Some cases are mild with a few bumps and itching, while others may include large pustules and cysts.  Scratching  your head will often cause infection and scars or keloids. 

One of the best ways to reduce skin conditions and itchiness in black hair is to balance the scalp.  If the sebum gland either overproduces oil or under produces oil problems can occur.  Too much oil will allow bacteria to build up.  A too dry scalp is prone to bacteria being trapping inside the hair follicles and cause bumps and acne on the head.  Some natural ingredients that can be helpful in regulating the scalp are thyme, sage, zinc, jojoba oil and emu oil. Make sure to look for a shampoo for dry hair & dry scalp that uses oils and not dimethicones to get the dry scalp and hair taken care of.